Established in 1996, AG Marble and Granite is a part of the diversified group – Al Ghurair Investment (AGI), operating in the UAE sector. The company specializes in the supply and installation of natural stones for exterior and interior stone cladding, flooring, ornamental and specialized architectural works.

Having established a reputation for quality, service and cost-effective technological capability, AG Marble & Granite LLC envisages the next future of constant research for innovation in the stone industry becoming a leader in the stone industry, striving to achieve excellence, constantly exploring new products and innovating to meet ultimate Customer Satisfaction.

Some facts about us;

  • The company was certified by ISO 9001:2015 in the year 2006 by LRQA and is also, an affiliated member of Natural Stone Institute since 1998.

  • Specialized in the supply and installation of natural stones for exterior and interior, cladding, flooring ornamental and specialized architectural works.

  • Successfully completed multi-million projects such as commercial buildings, residential towers and villas, mosques, places etc. in U.A.E.

  • A full-fledged factory in Al Quoz, Dubai to process stones for projects of any size with experienced manpower and state of art machines.

Our Services

  • Shop drawings

  • Project Management

  • Value Engineering

  • Estimation

  • Customized & standard finishes

  • Unique stone fabrication

  • Technical support

  • Waterjet cuttings

  • Stone on glass

  • Stone on honeycomb

Our Approach

  • Expert advice on choice of stone for desire and application

  • State of art machineries with qualified personnel for every stage of production

  • Exceptional project requirement

  • Flawless project coordination

  • Expert logistics

  • Reliable product fabrication

  • Overall professional and quality performance

  • Guaranteed workmanship

Our Purpose

“Enhancing Life by Shaping Stone”

Our Mission

To create masterpieces with exceptional workmanship by sourcing high-quality natural stones around the globe.

Our Vision

To be a trendsetter in the GCC in the natural stone industry by adopting innovative technologies


AG Marble & Granite (AGM&G) is committed to provide timely delivery of high-quality products and services to customers in a continually improving environment and work culture, operating through an effective Quality Management System (QMS). AGM&G aims to enhance the quality of our services arising from the Company's business activities, which include Processing and Installation of Natural Stones. QMS Policy of AGM&G is appropriate to the nature and scale of the AGM&G’s activity.

• Establish, document, and maintain Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001:2015 requirements & company’s strategic direction;
• Ensure continual improvement in Quality of its services which enhances company’s reputation with its stakeholders;
• Promote QMS awareness at all levels to boost the confidence of employees and other interested parties of our business by regularly informing, ensuring participation, consulting, training, and advising;
• Comply with all Legal requirements, Local Regulations and contractual obligations;
• Set appropriate Quality objectives and targets, periodically monitor and review the QMS performances.
• Ensure that appropriate resources are available to implement this QMS policy;
• Establish and maintain prudent QMS practices in all aspects of work at all levels by providing adequate supervision;



Division Office

Corporate Office

AG Marble and Granite LLC
Al Quoz Industrial Area 3
P O Box 393817
Dubai, UAE.
T: +971 4 321 4136
F: +971 4 341 5922

AG Engineering LLC
P.O Box 282989,
Dubai, UAE
T: +971 4 2271137
F: +971 4 2271136

Nature of Business Supply, fabrication and installation of natural/reconstituted stones


Type of Registration

M/s. AG Marble and Granite LLC – Dubai (formerly ASCON Marble and Granite LLC) M/s. AG Marble and Granite LLC – Abu Dhabi Branch

Date of Registration

14 / 11 / 1996 @ Dubai
26 / 10 / 2002 @ Abu Dhabi Branch


Industrial License No. 301255
Commercial Registration No.60561
Abu Dhabi Branch License No.1047656


ISO 9001:2015 by LRQA since 08/05/2006 Certificate No.MEA1105283 Expiry Date 07/05/2024


Marble Institute of America – Membership No.400 since 30/09/1998 asset 6.jpeg
British Safety Council asset 7.jpeg
ASTM International – Membership No.1457952 asset 8.jpeg


ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified
In-House Quality Plan (Will be submitted on request) asset 9.jpeg
ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified







The Company has a well-defined safety policy signed by the Managing Director, which has been well circulated to all employees

asset 13.jpeg


Factory Manager

Completely responsible for the implementation of the safety requirements given in this safety management plan Allocate necessary resources for the implementation of this safety plan Conduct safety management meeting at regular interval in the factory to review the safety performance of the factory and all the job sites with all the project engineers.

I. Project Manager/Engineer

Monitor the implementation of this safety plan on a day to day basis. Ensure that the concerned site engineers/ supervisors/ foremen attend to the safety lapses noticed during the site visits. Participate in the safety meetings arranged in the factory by the factory manger or at site by the clients (if any) to review the safety performance of the site. Conduct safety inspection during the site visit at least once every day. Planning the requirement of first aid, fire fighting and safety appliances well in advance and arranging the same. Ensuring that accident report in the prescribed format (Annexure 3) is sent to all concerned. Organizing the inspection of scaffolding, ladders and power tools at a regular basis as per the enclosed checklists (Annexure – 4, 5 & 6) and maintaining a record of such inspection. Identifying one of the site supervisor to get trained by the Safety Manager so that he can provide safety induction to all the new employees at site, including sub contractors, if any.

II Safety Manager

Conduct safety audits at site at regular intervals to monitor the implementation of the safety plan and to give recommendations for corrective and preventive actions, wherever required. Provide training to one of the site staff, as identified by the Project Manager/ Engineer to act as the safety coordinator. Attend safety meeting in the factory to help the Factory Manager to monitor the safety performance of the sites and the factory. Provide necessary advice to the Manager and the Project Engineers, wherever required. Arrange safety training to the site staff at regular intervals. Conduct necessary risk assessments for critical activities, whenever the site asks for such assistance.

III. Site Engineers/ Supervisors / Foremen

Understanding this safety plan fully and following the same in their day-to-day activities. Giving safety instructions to their workmen on a daily basis as a part of the job instructions, highlighting the possible hazards in that day’s work and the precautions to be taken. Keeping their work area neat and clean, especially at heights free from loose materials. Taking an active part in the site safety meetings, if any. Preventing horseplay of workmen. Organizing toolbox talks to their workmen every week. Sending all new employees to the Safety coordinator before employing them to provide them safety induction. Rectifying the unsafe conditions pointed out by Project manager/ Safety manager or the site safety coordinator.


  • All employees will go through a safety induction program before their deployment at site.
  • A responsible person on site will give this and records will be maintained to this effect. All employees will be issued with an identification sticker (to be put on the helmet) to this effect.
  • Daily work instruction given by the supervisors will include the hazards likely to be encountered and the precautions to be taken.
  • Toolbox talk will be organized once in a week in the morning before starting the work. The respective site foremen/ supervisors will do this for their technicians. Minutes of this meeting will be recorded. Unsafe conditions and unsafe acts noticed at site, lessons learnt from the accidents, safety precautions to be taken in the next week’s works etc. will be the focus of discussion during the tool box talks.
  • The induction and toolbox talk will be extended to sub-contract employees also, if any.


  • All accidents and near miss incidents at the factory and sites will be recorded in the first aid register.
  • All accidents, including the near misses and first aid cases will be investigated.
  • All serious accidents will be reported to the Police and the scene of accident will be preserved until the Police investigations are completed.
  • If the injured person is likely to be away from duty for more than 48 hours, an accident report (Annexure 1) shall be sent to H.O. for further investigation by personnel from the safety department.
  • A suitable follow up report shall be sent regarding the status of the injured at a later stage after getting necessary information from the doctors.


  • All workmen will be required to use coveralls on which name of the Company will be prominently displayed while entering the site.
  • Color coding for safety helmets: Staff and visitors will be provided with white helmets and the technicians will use blue helmets.
  • Safety goggles or face shields will be provided to all the employees who are required to do drilling, grinding, chipping, polishing and any other works where flying object hazard exist.
  • Cotton gloves will be provided to all employees who are likely to handle materials with sharp objects.
  • Earplugs will be provided to workmen who are employed in or near noisy operations
  • Safety belts will be provided all workmen who are likely to fall down more than 1.5-M height from their place of work.
  • Dust masks will be provided to all the workmen who are required to carry out work involving generation of dust.


A site specific safety plan will be prepared in line with the guidelines given in this safety management plan for implementation at site. The safety plan will be more comprehensive incorporating the risk assessment of all the activities involved in that contract, the hazards likely to be faced and the precautions to be taken. All control measures to be followed and all the formats to be used will be a part and parcel of the said safety plan. PROPERTY ALL RISK POLICY