The PIETRA LITE™ panel is the result of the assembly of stones, skin in fiberglass fabric and aluminum honeycomb. The panel gives some valuable mechanical characteristic to decorative stones used as floor and wall coverings.

Basically, the target is to bring to the construction market a technologically high-quality system with the main feature that can be summarized as ultra-light weight with high tensile and flexural strength.

The lightweight and the soundness of the composite honeycomb panel are the solution for the application of difficult stone, aesthetically beautiful, but structurally weak, as well as, in construction, whenever the reduction of the dead load is a necessity.

The composite honeycomb panel can be also the solution for a "cost saving" product. In case of valuable materials, the possibility of working on 6 to 8 mm thickness compensates the cost of the honeycomb lamination process and the procurement time of the stones will be shorter.

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